Wooden-aluminum winter gardens

Due to a successful combination of wood and aluminum profiles in the design, modern winter gardens can harmoniously blend with the interior. In such constructions aluminum we combine technological features of aluminum and comfort created by wood inside.

Wooden-aluminum winter gardensWooden-aluminum winter gardens

Wooden-aluminum winter gardens combine favorable qualities of both materials:
• Classical wooden frame will give solidity and respectability to your interior. Being ecologically friendly, easily operable and temperature resistant, having good heat and sound insulation, having low thermal conductivity, wood is considered to be the only material for high quality and comfortable design.

• Aluminum profile protects the facade from outside influences. This material is lightweight and durable, it is not exposed to corrosion, and it has high resistance to any weather conditions, including temperature changes. Aluminum is ecologically clean material that does not contain heavy metals impurities, does not emit harmful substances and it is not exposed to solar radiation and humidity.

Modern technologies used by Marconi, give you unlimited opportunities to construct winter gardens varying from a simple quadrangular to a polygonal or even circular in shape.

Important winter garden characteristics:

- Construction safety;

- Inner space protection from the cooling and overheating;

- Inflexibility and durability of the carcass;

- Optimal light transmission;

- High resistance to extreme weather manifestations.